Personal Trainer Fourways: It All Starts Here!!!

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Quotes "Allistair Watson from Cutting Edge Studio really helped me to focus on my health and learn more about my own body. I am grateful to him for all the knowledge that was shared and the personal attention to improving my physical fitness and kind consideration for my physical shortcomings. I would gladly recommend anyone to Allistair, Elite Personal Trainer at Cutting Edge Studio" Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value Quotes
Ilse Booysen
Transformed Client

Quotes I lost a total of 6.38 pounds. I am happy with that in 7 days. Quotes
Lisa Floyd
Transformation in Progress

Quotes I found the detox to be much easier than anticipated. I was hardly hungry and thought I actually ate quite a lot. I loved the variety of food and the fruit salad was amazing. The only thing to remember is the planning, as it is the planning of your meals every day that will assist you in the success of losing weight. As I wanted to spoil myself with the type of fish I ate, I spent money on different types of salmon and that at times can be a bit costly. None the less, the detox was a great success and I ended up losing 7.92 pounds over the 7 days in conjunction with the exercise 3 times a week. I will certainly be doing the detox again! Quotes
Ursula Fear
Transformation in Progress

Quotes "Allistair is a true professional. We made use of his services for a year. Both my wife and I lost weight and centimetres while toning and building muscle. The nutritional guideline that we were provided with was effective and was changed as and when required. The attention we received in the gym was super and we were pushed to go beyond our limits, while being encouraged at the same time. Allistair is a motivator!!!" Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Quotes

Quotes I found the detox extremely easy to follow, delicious colourfully food. Was fun and I definitely didn't starve or crave while I was on it. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to detox and feel better and lose a few of pounds in a just 7 days. Quotes
Simone van der Westhuizen
Satisfied Client