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Boxing Classes

EPT Box-Fit classes are a combination of boxing training methods, upper and lower body exercises, focused core strength and rehabilitation and various cardiovascular activities that will assist in making your Total Body Transformation much more fun, enjoyable and rewarding with the overall results you have been waiting for! 

It seems to be the next best thing to endless and sometimes even wasted, which is the case for most, hours of cardio in the gym of your choice, office or home setup? 

Now you could be spending quality time among family, friends, colleagues, associates and even people you have never met before who are striving towards similar needs and goals as you? Weight loss, toning, fitness, endurance, stamina and let us not forget, which I think is the most important, a healthier, prolonged life! 

Boxing has been around for centuries and is still one of the fastest growing sporting activities around the world in its many forms and styles; it has been successful in maintaining its repertoire as the most respected sport on various fitness levels when it comes to all its disciplined, dedicated and committed athletes, competitors and followers who train on a completely different level of fitness, concentrating on achieving a healthier state of mind, body and soul in order to compete as a professional or amateur fighter.

Never the less it is still – hands on - one of the best ways to increase your fitness and endurance levels, builds strength and stamina, assists in toning the entire body, promotes fat loss and burns off any unwanted calories whilst assisting in co-ordination and brain functionality! All this and more in one fun packed workout. 

By following a healthier lifestyle trend to suite your daily activities, needs and individual goals, you will be monitored by passionate, motivated and experienced professionals, whose goals are to see each and every committed client achieve their goals, and with all the focused attention, you will be confident that you will be training in the most effective fat-burning intensities that are specific to you.

We have taken this amazing style of fighting and made it into a fun activity the entire family can enjoy at different levels and individual paces to suite your current state of mind, fitness levels and goals.

We have already hosted quite a few individual one-on-one sessions with our existing personal training clients. The feedback was amazing with all of the clients wanting to rather have an EPT Box-Fit session instead of their usual cardio. 

They all mentioned that it was rewarding in more ways than just one. They achieved their target heart rates quicker while having loads of fun performing the numerous combinations available. 

It also assists in releasing any unwanted pressure (most call it stress) which seems to be a common denominator in most diagnosed common illnesses, sicknesses and common known symptoms or just regular day to day activities in today’s hectic society that we have bought upon ourselves. 

Let’s make a difference by starting with you! That’s what we do best! Changing lives…One client at a time through our EPT Box-Fit classes. 

Book now to avoid the rush.  Limited slots available per class.  There will be early morning and late afternoon classes available to choose from on a daily basis.  You can pay per class (price to be announce) or purchase one of our three various monthly packages to suite, not only your lifestyle, but your budget too!  

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