Personal Trainer Fourways: It All Starts Here!!!


What is Elite Personal Training?  It All Starts Here!!!

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Personal Training is a multifaceted service that provides clients with the education, motivation, focused attention, commitment and accountability, the passion, achievable goals and dedication that everybody requires  in order to maintain a healthier and prolonged life.  Bottom line is...It should be a lifestyle and that's why we are here to help guide everyone on that path of Wellness, Health & Fitness.

Staying healthy is not a challenge!  It's a lifestyle.  The human body was designed to train.  It all starts here with one of our experienced and qualified personal trainers. "You control the weight!  Don't let the weight control you!"  If it is a quick fix you are looking for then I'm sorry to say, there ain't any.  Loosing weight quick will just mean you could put it back on just as fast.  

The reason I always emphasize it is a lifestyle is because our bodies need regular exercise to maintain a healthier life  

Tracking results can always results in keeping on track with your progress.

The Education:

Struggling with training in circles? Are you relentlessly performing arbitrary exercises with little understanding and little development, over and over again? Feel like you have been training for eternity and not achieving the results you wanted?  If this sounds familiar, then you may be lacking the necessary knowledge to make a powerful difference in your workouts and daily routine. Working with an Elite Personal Trainer is the fastest and most effective way to learn the essentials of strength training, nutrition, weight management and healthy lifestyle development.

Focusing on core strength and stability ensures great results

The Motivation:

Anyone can benefit from the influence and motivation from an enthusiastic mentor; Elite Personal Trainers are mentors of Physical Fitness, Health and Nutrition. It is their purpose to help push you through your self-imposed limitations so that you can finish what you started? Strong!

Focused attention is ideal for maximum results

The Focused Attention:

Elite One-on-One Personal Training is...hands down...the only way to get the focused attention that you need to quickly and safely develop perfect exercise techniques in any training application with our unique Back-to-Basics training methods. And with all of the attention, you will be confident that you will be training in the most effective fat-burning intensities that are specific to you.

Weights are not only for men

The Commitment and Accountability:

Think about many times have you promised yourself that you're going to workout today or my personal favorite 

"I will start on Monday?" 

Getting a head-start is great to always ensure you stay ahead of the pack.

The Passion:

Have you ever noticed how healthy people have a certain glow about them?  Have you ever thought about where that glow comes from? Really thought about it?

Sure, healthy eating and lifestyle choices play a part. But the truth is that special glow emanates from within. It is self-pride. It is that sense of achievement, that sense of accomplishment when you look in the mirror and are awed by the results which YOU created. Genuine pride is doing your best ... when no one else is watching!

12 Week Full Body Transformation

Achievable Goals:

There is nothing that inspires me more than helping people achieve their goals. I love watching as the glow takes root and begins to grow. I love seeing my clients shine!

Now that's what it takes to be at the top of your game as an Elite Personal Trainer!  If you are a Personal Trainer and you are lacking in one or more of the above-mentioned qualities or values then you need to take a step back and evaluate yourself for the sake of the community that has put their loyalty and trust in YOU! 

The Dedication:

"Changing lives...ONE client at a time through Back-to-Basics Training Modules..."

and always remember...

"You Control the Weight...Don't Let the Weight Control YOU!"